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Rumeesha Khan

Education Counsellor & Recruitment
Director, KSA & Bahrain.

Rumeesha is currently working as the Education Counsellor & Recruitment Director for Study Abroad in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. With a background in education, technical expertise, counseling, and general management, she brings over 10 years of valuable experience to the team. She is based in Riyadh and her goal is to assist students and professionals in achieving their educational and career goals through Study Abroad’s services. She holds a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Amity University. Her educational background provides her with a strong foundation in technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. Having worked in the education industry for a significant period, she has gained extensive experience in guiding and counselling students and professionals.

In her role, she works with individuals from different countries and cultures. She is adaptable and open-minded, which enables her to understand and respect different perspectives and tailor her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual.
As a part of Study Abroad, she brings a diverse set of skills, expertise, and personal qualities to the table. With her education, counseling experience, management skills, and passion for fresh ideas, she is confident in her ability to guide and counsel individuals in achieving their
educational and career goals. She is committed to providing the highest level of service and making a positive impact on the lives of those she works with.

Rashina Khan

Education Councelor & Recruitment Director, UAE & OMAN

With over thirteen years of experience in the education field, she has consistently worked towards illuminating the path to a brighter future for students. Her commitment in helping students achieve their academic, aspirations has driven her career in education.

Currently, she serves as the Recruitment Manager and Education Counselor for the UAE and Oman regions in the study abroad sector. In this role, she leverages her managerial skills to guide students in planning their academic journeys, paving the way for a successful and luminous future.

She holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), equipping her with a solid foundation in management and leadership. Additionally, her background in childhood education adds depth to her understanding of learning and development.

Prior to joining Study Abroad, Rashina was in the school administrative team. Her responsibilities included overseeing the curriculum and implementing new teaching and learning methods to raise the standard of education to international levels. She played a crucial role in improving the quality of education at the school, potentially benefiting bot students and the institution itself. Rashina’s passion for art infuses creativity into her approach to education. She believes that creativity enhances problem- solving, critical thinking, and innovation – essential skills for students to thrive in today’s dynamic world. She is dedicated in helping students unlock their full potential, make informed choices, and embark on a path that leads to success. Together, she can paint a brighter future.

Jainuddeen Esmail Bellare

Head of Establishment

As the Head of Establishment at the educational consultancy, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure a seamless and enriching educational journey for the clients. With a proven track record in academic guidance and a commitment to excellence, he leads the team to provide tailored solutions for students’ unique aspirations. His strategic vision and dedication contribute to making the consultancy a trusted partner in shaping successful academic futures.

Our Team

Our Professional and Experienced Team of Consultants Have Vast Knowledge and Ocean of Experience in Field of Education. Our in House Team Help Students Identifying Their Passion Ambition and Taste of the Students Before Advising Them About the Best Course to go For a Amongst a Pool of Prestigious Universities. Thereby the Aspirants can Achieve Their Career Path Without Much Difficulty .The Dynamic and Caring Team of Study Abroad Will Always Act as a Custodians Guardians for you During Your Selection of Your Respective Universities.

Expertise and Experience

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Dedication to Success

Emphasize your team's commitment to helping students achieve their educational and career goals. Highlight success stories, testimonials, or specific instances where your team's guidance made a significant impact on students' lives.

Global Perspective

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Our Mission

“At Study Abroad, our mission is to empower aspiring students and professionals to unlock their full potential through international education. We are committed to providing personalized guidance, comprehensive support, and access to top-notch academic institutions worldwide. Our aim is to bridge the gap between dreams and reality by facilitating enriching educational experiences that lead to successful careers. With a global perspective and unwavering dedication, we strive to make the world of opportunities in higher education accessible to all.”

Our Vision

“At Study Abroad, our vision is to be a global leader in shaping the future of education by connecting individuals with transformative international learning experiences. We aspire to create a world where every student can access the best educational opportunities regardless of their background or location. Through innovative solutions, unwavering commitment to excellence, and a deep understanding of diverse cultures, we envision a brighter future where education knows no boundaries and where our guidance propels individuals towards personal and professional success on a global scale.”

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