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Deciding to Study in UK

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Looking for the best consultancy! Study Abroad, the most reputed UK study abroad consultants in Dubai and KSA with more than 10 years of practice in the profession remains as the one best UK education consultants in Dubai and KSA. Our services are professionally structured for mentoring students and helping them to pursue higher education based on their determination and ability.

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Deciding to Study in France

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With its capital Paris and a large variety of landscapes, France is one of the most historically and culturally  important nations in North western Europe. France is known for its education and international students. Students who wish to pursue computer science, hotel management, tourism, business communication, mass media, international relations cam choose to go France for their education.

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Deciding to Study in Germany

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Germany is a higher education paradise. In Germany, you will find many worldwide ranked universities, countless courses, globally valued degrees that promise high employability. Every year thousands of scholars are coming all around the world trusting German Universities and these are some of the reasons:

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Deciding to Study in Dubai

Which are the Universities are we representing?
Wollongong, Dubai Campus.

Dubai is the most popular study and living destination for the Asians and the westerners at the same time. The United Arab Emirates consist of 7 Countries. Abu Dubai is the capital of UAE, After Abu Dubai,
Dubai is the 2nd Largest country in the Emirates. Dubai is the most popular for Business, Shopping, Global City, Education Hub, Aviation Hub..etc. Dubai Education is affordable cost. Universities like: Birmingham University, MiddleSex University, Heriot Watt University, Modul University, Austria, Hult International Business School USA..etc. have their Branch campuses in Dubai. During the Students education journey they also have an option of studying and working as a part time student.

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Plan to Study in Ireland

Advantages of study at Ireland the dream benefits are following:

Why you choose your study in Ireland as your higher education destination?
Ireland offers World-class Universities, Institutes, and Colleges for the International student higher education. There are 7 Public Universities in Ireland. All of those Public Universities are ranked in between 75 to 750 in around the world.

Where Ireland Locates?
Ireland was located in Europe, the Republic of Ireland is an independent country from Europe which located in North and West of Europe. Northern Ireland is a part of UK, but Ireland was representing an Independent, stable state.
Popular cities in Ireland
Dundalk, Galway, Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Maynooth, Waterford.

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Engineering courses in Canada

The Top Courses
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Engineering courses in Malaysia

Study at Malaysia an important question for an Indian student, Why the student need to study in Malaysia. There are certain reasons to choose Malaysia as your study destination.
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The USA is the best educational hub in the world. In the earlier decades, USA and UK were the best and comprehensive education system offering countries in the world.
What are the benefits you will get if you pursue your higher education program in the USA?
  • World Recognized qualification.
  • Flexible education system.
  • Post-study work VISA opportunity.
  • Practical & Research oriented degrees.
  • Internship time possibility to work with fol. Companies; Amazon, NIKE, FACEBOOK, Harley Davidson, Marriot, P & G, Hitachi, LEE, GO, DADDY, Yahoo, Microsoft, SUBWAY etc.
  • Best technology-based learning.
  • Part-time 20 Hrs. Per week/Full-time Job 40 Hrs. Per week during vacations.
  • Scholarships and assistantships opportunity.

USA offering following types of the education system ; Normal working system :

  • Year 12 – High School Diploma.
  • Year 13 – Certificate – Freshmen.
  • Year 14 – Associate Degree – Sophomore.
  • Year 15 & 16 – Bachelor Degree – Senior.
  • Year 17 & 18 – Masters Degree – (Duration Depends on University).

How can an International student choose their degrees from the USA? International Student has 2 ways to select their higher education from the USA.

  • Public Universities.
  • Private Universities, (All the IVY League Universities are Private).

What’s the benefit a student is studying at a Public University;

  • Low tuition fees.
  • State Funded Institutions.
  • Big Sized Universities.
  • Large areas of specialized subjects.

What’re the advantages of Private Universities?

  • All ranked IVY leagues are Private.
  • Funded by Private Organizations and Individuals, Highly resource oriented Institutions.
  • Tuitions fees at par same as domestic and International students.
  • Oldest and Most Famous Institutions in the USA.

Which are the high ranked Private Institutions in the USA?
Yale University, University of Virginia – Darden Business School, Princeton University, Harvard University, Dart-mouth College, Cornell University.
Student need following expected qualification to attain USA Institute Degrees: Undergraduate programs student need to score Min. 60% in their 12th Subjects, In the case of Engineering student needs to achieve a high grade in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. SAT Score 1160 out of 1600. IELTS 6.5 Overall, Each Component 6.0 Some Institutions preferring overall 6.0 and Individual 5.5. If the student wants to secure a Bachelors program from the United States of America, He needs to bear Tuitions Fees around 20000 USD to 35000 USD Per Year, Most of the Bachelors are 4 Years duration program. Living expenditure 15384 USD. To know more about the program details, Qualifying Procedures, Visa Procedures. Please speak with our counselor.

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